5 Important Things To Considering When Online Shopping For Roller Skates

We all hold our own opinions on in-store shopping vs. online shopping and there are pro’s and con’s of each. Whether you prefer to shop for roller skates at five in the morning from your comfortable sofa or dive into the noisy crowd and wait in lines at the store, one things remains certain: the product remains the same and the only thing different is the way you obtain your knowledge about it…and how fast you get it.


Shopping online at Roller Skate Nation gives you the benefit of a huge selection of roller skates at affordable prices while maintaining the in-store experience you enjoy. Our employees are highly skilled and passionate about roller skating and you can get in touch with them anytime through our online/real time question and answer portal.

It’s important to ask questions and do your research when shopping for roller skates online because this product must be the perfect fit and suitable for you.

Educate yourself on the fine print

From return policies, shipping costs to verifying the company has invested effort in protecting you against fraud, identity theft and viruses it’s good to be in the know.

  • At the stage of shopping that prompts you to input personal and payment information, be sure to check that the web address changes in your browser. Looks for a key or a lock in your browser. This is commonly located before the “https://” section of the URL.
  • Always check that the site is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer. In other words, be sure there is an ‘S’ at the end of ‘http’. The S signifies that when accessing that site, all web traffic between your web browser and the web site is protected.

Children Can Be Tricky

What kid doesn’t want to roll around on roller skates without a care in the world? Next in line of accomplishments after their first steps and removing the training wheels from their bike is learning to skate!

  • Buy skates for your kids that are a size larger than their current shoe size so they can get more use out of the skates. A pair of extra socks will do the trick if there is any extra wiggle room.
  • Color is important for kids so make them part of the shopping to let them choose their favorite colors!

Know the warranty and return policy

What happens when you receive your roller skates and they just don’t feel right? Whether they just don’t fit or you change your mind about the skates, be sure to research the companies return policy.

  • Roller Skate Nation offers a 365-day return & exchange policy on all new (unused) skates, parts, and accessories in the original packaging. The only exception is if it is a custom skate order (where we specially build a skate for you).
  • Try your skates on indoors on a smooth carpeted surface to ensure proper fit before using them. This will preserve the condition of the items should you choose to return them. Also, it is recommended that you preserve the box in it’s original condition.

Shop with professional and satisfaction guaranteed business’s

Anybody can join the business of resale and online shopping has lowered the barriers for companies to mass sell products. It’s important to trust the company you shop with. Are they knowledgeable about their products and do they provide great customer service?

  • Read customer reviews if available to learn what previous customers have to say about their shopping experience.

Double check your shipping

Adding an item to your shopping cart is one of the easiest steps to online shopping but you may get excited or nervous when it’s time to hit the “Confirm Your Order” button.

  • Always always double double check the shipping and billing information that you fill out. Even the slightest error can prevent a successful and timely delivery and the last thing you want to know is that your roller skates were shipped to Timbuktu. 

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