3 Ways To Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of National Roller Skating Month

The Ronald Reagan presidency occupied most of the 80′s and was a major turning point for the United States. We may hold different opinions in regards to his economic policy later coined “Reaganomics”, but we at Roller Skate Nation believe the best thing left behind from those long eight years was declaring October the “National Roller Skating Month”. Guess what folks? This year marks the 30th anniversary and the sport is still rolling strong. Families throughout the nation and around the world continue to lace up their quad skates to reap all of the benefits of the healthy, entertaining and social sport that began back in 1760.  

Roller Skate Nation National Roller Skating Month

A major advocate of the National Roller Skating Month is the Roller Skating Association that is backed by a group of skating center owners to promote roller skating and establish good business practices for skating rinks. In addition, the RSA is comprised of coaches and judges of roller skating and manufacturers and suppliers of roller skating equipment. Now that we know who to thank for declaring this month-long roller skating celebration, here are five ways to get outside this October to celebrate.

1.     Roller skating rinks are offering great deals. Go find them!

Check out the roller skating rink locator. Just enter your state, city and zip code to find a skating rink near you. Inquire about any special offers that may be available. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. As the weather begins to chill down we can all benefit from migrating to the nearest rink for an evening or weekend of exercise.

2.     Take advantage of our new offer: free shipping on order $99 or more.

Let’s face it. You get what you pay for. When it comes to roller skates, this popular saying holds true. Roller skates come in many different materials and fabrics and pushing and turning takes a toll on your skates. A $100 skate is rock solid and built to last and we have a giant selection of these. It’s similar to purchasing shoes. A $70 pair of shoes will outlast twice the amount of steps than a pair for $30. In celebration of National Roller Skating Month you get free shipping on any skate worth $99 or more. It will arrive promptly at no cost and be ready to ride in no time.

3.     Trick or Treat on Roller Skates!

If you’re browsing the web and happened to stumble upon Skate Talk, I presume you consider yourself out of the league of trick or treating. This is just a nicer way of saying ‘Too Old’… Any-who, pass this tip on to your youngsters that would like an extra heavy bag of candy this Halloween.

I don’t know if Reagan had this in mind for kids when declaring October the Nation Roller Skating Month, but it sure helps them get around the neighborhood faster. A witch on roller skates flying down the street with her broom is more fitting than The Hulk clunking around on quad skates but the costume doesn’t matter.

Be creative and incorporate roller skates how you best see fit. Remember to only recommend this to your children if you will be by there side with roller skates too. This means leaving your significant other back home to spare time to collect some candy or just forgo passing out candy after all. Roller skating is more fun anyway plus you will burn the calories off along the way!

There you have it from the skate crew at Roller Skate Nation. We urge you to lace up your skates this October and celebrate the month of roller skating however you’d like. How will you celebrate the National Roller Skating Month?

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