5 Essential Accessories for Jam Skates

Excessive accessorizing doesn’t make one better at what they do and most people look for special accessories that bring out the best of their personality. In regards to jam skates, there are many accessories like boot cover, adjustable toe stops, colored laces, skate bags and the list goes on and on.

The keyword in this post is “essential” so let’s dive into the 5 essential accessories for jam skates that will truly make a difference to your skating ability and especially your style!

Like anything of high value that you use on a consistent basis, jam skates are no different. The more you care for them the longer they’ll last and it should be top priority to keep them in their best shape possible! Travel bags not only make transporting your jam skates easier, but they provide great protection for your skates and keep all your skate gear in one place.

Atom Quad Backpack:

The Atom Quad Backpack does much more than hold your skates! Equipped with a ventilated outer pocket and extra storage for clothes and other accessories, this back pack provides the perfect protection for your skates no matter where you take them!

Atom Quad Backpack

 Jam Plugs:

Every jam skater knows that toe stops can prevent you from performing certain dance moves and that they are more annoying than helpful. That’s when jam plugs come in to the picture! They are perfect for the skaters who wants to dance and jam with no interference from a bulky toe top. The sure grip rock jam plugs also come in a variety of colors to match your wheels and boots

These Rock Jam plugs are perfect for the skater that wants to dance and jam with no interference from a bulky toe stop. Plus they come in a wide variety of colors!

Bearing Grease:

The only way to be quick on your feet is to have quick bearings that respond to every move you make on jam skates. The all purpose bearing grease from Lubriplate is a top accessory to use for bearings used in jam skates.

Skate Tool:

A must have accessory for jam skates is the Reflex skate tool. Available in orange, blue, black, green, yellow and pink, it’s able to perform all of the required adjustments you need to make on your jam skates. It’s also compact enough to easily fit into a any size skate bag!

Reflex skate tool roller skate nation

Roller Brights:

Spice up your jam skates with some lights or use them for safety when skating at night time! Roller Brights are extremely easy to use and are powered by a 9V battery (not included). The lights easily attach to the bottom of your skates or wherever you’d like to use the lights and are available in a variety of colors.

Each kit includes two LED strips (one strip for each skate) with battery clips (battery not included), three pieces of velcro, one alcohol cleaning pad and one card. If you would like two strips for each skate, simply order two kits! Installation is easy and Roller Brights work with any skate.

Group Brights










Get your moves on this summer and bring out the best of your jam skates! Let us know if you think we forgot a key essential accessory and leave a comment below.

Everything You Need to Know About Riedell Skates

Advancing the sport of skating for 70 years…

Riedell skates date back to 1947 when Paul Riedell founded the company in Red Wing, MN after he parted ways with the Red Wing Shoe Co. His mission was to design widely available and affordable ice skate and he soon after found success in the market of roller skates. In fact, he has even been accepted into the roller skating hall of fame!


Roller skate nation agrees with their claim that “Riedell skates has no equal” and we stock a giant selection of Riedell roller skates in order to provide you top quality and affordable skates, year after year.

The Riedell roller skate company breaks down into 6 different roller skate categories to give you plenty of options for every type of roller skating you desire. Let’s take a quick look at what they offer:

Jam skates:

For Jamskaters, Shuffle Skaters and Rex Skaters around the country.

Art skates:

Responsive and lightweight roller skates for dance skating.

Derby skates:

Comfortable, durable and grippy skates suitable for all roller derby players.

Speed skates:

Skates made for the traditional Speed, Jam and Track skater.

Rhythm skates:

Agile, groovy and quick skates for rhythm skaters.

Outdoor skates:

Tough and durable skates with outdoor wheels to be used in the great outdoors.

We highly recommend that you take a quick look at this awesome skate 101 help guide. It’s packed full of extremely useful information that will teach you just about everything you need to know about roller skates. After all, Riedell knows how to roll. They even know how to glide and Riedell skates play a major role in the world of figure skating.

Here’s a list of figure skaters worldwide that wear Riedell skates.

The newest addition to the Riedell skate catalog is the fully fashionable Dart Quad Speed Roller Skates. The Dart boot has quality man made materials that cradle your foot, lots of great padding so you can focus on the fun of roller skating. The boot color matches the hub color to give it a colorful boost to let your personality shine.