Give Me Some Sugar – Wheels that Is!

Sugar wheels first rolled onto the scene back in 2008 when they staked their claim as the first hybrid wheels for derby skaters. Now, they are adding to their lineup with two new wheels in the sugar line-up. The original sugar wheels you have come to know in love are here to stay but their new partners the Sweet & Low and Equalizer are ready to introduce themselves.


These white wheels are identified by their sky blue band and white hub. This hybrid wheel measures 62mm by 44 mm, making them the full-sized hybrids with serious performance.

Sweet & Low
Fall in love with the fast roll and sticky grip the Sweet & Low hybrid wheel offers. These pretty pink wheels measure 58mm x 38mm, making them low to the ground for maximum speed and control. Add them to your skates and be amazed by how these sweet little gems hug the turns


These blue wheels take sweet to a whole new level. They measure 62mm by 38mm, combining the best of the other two wheels in the lineup. These wheels can handle it all, rough outdoor surfaces and super-slick indoor rinks.

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