5 Ideas To Train On Roller Skates That You Never Thought Of

No matter where you roller skate and what type of roller skating you are doing, it is always an unpredictable sport. We don’t always plan on throwing ourselves out into traffic or expect a fallen tree in the middle of the bike lane but you must be ready for everything when you’ve got your roller skates strapped on. Once I was rolling around the lake when a flock of geese decided to dive bomb me. That’s another story but let’s just say I really had to duck…no pun intended.


Every form of roller skating requires awareness, agility, muscle strength and endurance. Whether you’re the lead jammer on your derby team or the person in your neighborhood that everybody honks at and swerves away from, it’s easy to create your own obstacle course and train to become a better skater.

Here are some training courses and obstacles for both teams and individuals that will teach you ways to train by yourself and with your teammates. Remember that the more you train while wearing roller skates the more comfortable and confident you will feel inside them.

  1. Roller skating hopscotch:

    It’s time to re-live the glory days of recess. Remember hopping on one foot through some rectangles and squares? Wait until you try it with roller skates! Create your hopscotch outline with some chalk. Remember to make the sections a bit larger to compensate for the rolling. This course is fun and will focus on building lower leg muscle strength and ankle support. Strap on your helmet and start hopping through the course by alternating the foot you hop with.

  2. Roller skating jump rope:

    It’s not exactly as simple as it sounds but practice makes perfect. Start off by using an old carpet or rug as the surface to prevent rolling. This makes it easier and a bit less dangerous in the beginning. Jump roping is one of the best aerobic exercises because it’s a full body workout and also enhances awareness. Strap on some ankle weights if you’re up for the challenge.

  3. Weave through cones drill:

    Ah ha, the orange cones strike again but everything is more fun on roller skates. In a row, set up 10 cones, pop cans, bottles or whatever you can get your hands on of the like and practice weaving in and out of the objects without knocking them over. Increase your speed as you become more comfortable and try to pass by the objects as close as possible.

  4. Play tetherball on roller skates:

    This drill will require a partner and will increase stability, balance and upper leg strength. The same rules in normal tetherball apply: the objective is to hit the ball around the pole to win. Playing on roller skates makes it much more of a challenge. See for yourself!

  5. Staircase training:

    In order to properly train on a staircase with roller skates the steps must be longer than normal to fit your skate and allow for a bit of roll. Visit a nearby skate park or wherever exists a staircase and practice climbing up with your skates on. Use the handrail at first to help with balance. If the staircase is wide enough, the next challenge to skate down from side to side covering most of the surface of each step. Staircase exercises are great for building quad core strength in the legs to help you push through the pack and accelerate faster.

These examples are far from the usual training you will do at derby practice and the idea is to combine the fitness with the fun. Don’t forget to wear proper safety equipment when training. Check out our most popular pads package and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have about the sport. We’re here to help!


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