How To Play Roller Derby In Your Living Room

Yes, you read that title right and now that we have your attention we will reveal the secret method for pushing your furniture aside to make room for the ultimate Flat Track Roller Derby, right inside your home!

roller derby board games roller derby board games

Actually this would be fairly impossible to pull off but thanks to a couple great ideas backed by KickStarter, you can bring the strategy, excitement and competitive edge of roller derby right to your living room with the two recent roller derby board games called Impact City Roller Derby and JammerUp. If your not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website that gives people with ideas the opportunity to bring them to life through raising funds. In the case of the board games, the required funding was mostly for manufacturing and design.

In the end, JammerUp raised $15,141 and Impact City Roller Derby raised $16,062. These amounts surely surpassed the established ‘goal’ for each game.

Both of these roller derby board games are entirely different although they are both based on the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby rules and association. They were both released to the consumer market in 2012, require at least one hour for game play and are suitable for children 10 and up. We recommend to scoop up one of these game today to introduce roller derby to the entire family or to bring to your next derby league social event.

As the designer for the Impact City board game says, “It’s an excellent translation of flat track roller derby to a board game. If you love roller derby, you will like this game. Also, it can be used as a good way to introduce roller derby rules to the uninitiated; Thus giving it some “educational” value.

And here’s an anonymous review for JammerUp:

JammerUp is really two games in one. The “Strategy Game” is a simple, but deep game of movement, blocking and scoring. In some ways, it’s like chess in that regard. Like Derby itself, different pieces (Blockers and Jammers) have their own constraints and abilities. And although the game is an abstraction of Derby, it emulates the rules of Derby surprisingly well.

So, both of the board games are now on the market and can be purchased on Ebay & Amazon, but you might be asking yourself which one is a better fit and more fun?

We’ve used our roller derby experience here at Roller Skate Nation to thoroughly review each game and provide you the pros and cons for both.

 Impact City Roller Derby:

  • Portrays the roller derby culture and environment much more than JammerUp with the colors, tattoos and a grudge feel
  • Costs $40 with free shipping on Amazon
  • Remember speed of play is important to the feel of the game, so while the teammates are allowed to briefly talk to each other and show their cards to each other … NO long term strategy discussions slowing down game-play
  • Game consists of 2-3 jams in which you and you opponent vie for lead jammer and then try to score points by passing opposing skaters. The lead jammer can call it at anytime, just like real roller derby. The blockers can block other skaters and play special cards for moves like waterfall block and c-block. They can even use foul! Cards to trip or elbow block opponents.


  • There are two versions inside one game: The ‘Pure Strategy Version’ & the ‘Take Your Chances Version’
  • Much more like Chess than Impact City is and it’s more strategic
  •  If you haven’t watched roller derby before, you can pick up this game quite easily
  • Doesn’t really look anything like a roller derby related game. The design is clean cut and baby blue.
  • Only 2 players
  • Cards and a dice bring a random and unpredictable dimension to the game in the ‘Chance’ version which reflects true derby

Now you know what we meant by playing roller derby in your living room! We recommend that each player on your derby league pitches in a few bucks to get each game and to choose for yourselves which one is more fun.

These games are great gift ideas for both derby players and non-players and please share any experience you have playing the games in the comments below.







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