Roll To The Rhythm: Roller Skate To Your Favorite Music

One of the best parts of roller skating is getting into a rhythm that makes time fly by like the wind at your back. When you get into the groove (any skilled skater will tell you this) with roller skate music, you get so much more out of your exercise because you maintain a consistent heart rate and you can travel farther distances.


Aside from a pair of roller skates and a smooth surface to roll on, the best tool to help you find your rhythm and get into the groove is music. Finding your groove depends on the type of music you listen to, the way you listen to it and what you listen to it with.

Technology has given us access to many different kinds of MP3 players, ipods and music players which are small enough to fit in your pocket or around your wrist.

Jamming out to your favorite roller skate music adds another dimension to your skating experience but remember to always be aware of your surroundings such as cars, cyclists and joggers. Music will interfere with your ability to listen to your surroundings so get used to using your eyes to increase your awareness and remember to always be on the lookout!

Roller Skate Nation has 3 top ways to help you roll to the rhythm. Roll on!

  1. If you own an MP3 or ipod, take advantage of itunes and create your own personalized music play list. Create a play list of your favorite music to keep yourself in the groove. Include upbeat songs that are full of energy and keep you rolling.
  2. It’s important to think smart and always wear a helmet, especially when skating in Urban areas with traffic. Certain types of headphones may get in the way of your helmet so be sure to use ear buds rather than ear muffs. It’s much more comfortable.
  3. When your in the groove the last think you want is for your music to stop. Be sure to keep your headphone cable tucked behind your shirt and away from your swinging arms and out of the way. This is also a safety precaution to prevent your headphones from getting caught on any obstacles.

The new generation has brought us Rip Sticks and scooters but roller skating remains the number one way to roll to the rhythm.

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