Socialize Your Roller Derby League With Facebook

Roller Derby is gaining momentum around the world and this can be attributed to the help of social media. Yes, roller derby leagues are on Facebook and are sharing the success and added value that it brings to their organization and you should be too. If you already are then you know how important it is to connect with your community to turn fans and followers into ticket buyers.

roller derby social media

Just like every other form of entertainment, word of mouth marketing and people are the driving force behind such concerts, festivals and in this case derby bouts. The social sphere is huge and complicated so this article will focus primarily on Facebook tips and tricks to kick start your league on the web to help build a following for support.

Great Tips For Roller Derby Social Media

1. Establish & Reinforce Your Derby League Identity

Your derby league is a brand and needs to be consistently portrayed on Facebook. One of the biggest mistakes a derby league makes it posting irrelevant content that is not associated with their league. Always be sure your logo is on display through your profile photo or cover photo. These images make a powerful impression and can be used to display derby bout events and times. Remember to incorporate your leagues colors into the design of your photos!

2. Show & Tell: Make Your League Easy To Contact

Facebook is a great platform to promote your fundraising activities and league events and people have began to search out a league on Facebook before a personal league website. You need to use the “About Us” section to teach your fans the most important parts of your league. Here you should include your mission statement and a link to your leagues website and blog. You should also include a contact number or email to answer your fans questions. Remember to direct most of the conversation to your timeline via posts and pictures (Facebook is for building a community around your league) but there will be times when communication should be done in private.

3. Balance Your Activity With Relevant Content & Updates

Who are you trying to connect with? Your local community or the roller derby community in it’s entirety? Facebook is a perfect platform to showcase your league and to reach out to fans but you must put a strategy in motion. For example, if you are hosting tryouts for next years derby season, your main target will be people most interested in joining your league. Understand your demographics so you can connect with the people most likely to join such as girl/guys that live within 20 miles of your practice space. In other words you don’t want to waste your time promoting posts about your tryouts to your fans that live in another country.

Keep your Facebook page active with videos and pictures of your league. A good idea is to designate a girl for each practice and bout to capture some live action. Host a derby team jersey design contest and award the winning designer with season tickets to each derby bout. Maintain a live score feed during a derby bout and post the score every 10 minutes. Remember to share the love for roller skating and talk about news skates and roller derby tricks

The key to creating a successful Facebook page for your derby league is to create interactions and conversations around roller derby with a focus on your league. Stay positive because no one “Likes” a “Derbie Downer”. We’d love to be your friends too and welcome welcome you to our social skating community.

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