Safety Essentials To Go With Boys Roller Skates

Do you remember this classic roller skate advertisement?

fisher-priceWe don’t know what’s better, the headline or the grin on the little kids face? Together they make one classic advertisement that went down as one of the best ads ever.

Why did Fisher Price take this angle on safety when they wanted to boost boys roller skates sales? Because 9 times out of 10 kids slip out and fall straight to their bottoms when they’re learning how to roller skate.

This was a brilliant way of combining humor with safety and it performed better than the usual fear appeal/scare tactics that are commonly used in advertising today. Wait a second, “Where are the kids that fell”? That’s the best part!

But kids falling on skates is no joke and it’s always better to prevent than protect. In other words, use these essential safety products to part ways with bandaids this summer!

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards protect the palm of the hand and the wrist from injuries caused by falling and sliding. It’s instinctive to use your hands to break your fall and a pair of wrist guards gives you a piece of mind.


Atom Armor line is the smallest, derby specific protective gear on the market today. For those looking for maximum airflow, lightweight, affordability and maneuverability, choose Atom Armor.

Knee Pads

A super essential safety item is knee pads, especially during the first learning curve.

You only get two knees so don’t wear them out! The 187 Killer FLY pads are ultra protective, comfortable and durable for a long life of healthy knees.

They come in a variety of sizes but we recommend X-small and small for kids 12 and younger.

imgresElbow Pads

The funny bone is not so funny when you come crashing down on it!

Generally speaking, kids with pads are more confident and learn to skate much quicker. Falling is a major part of the learning process and getting hurt doesn’t make learning any easier.

In fact, it tends to deter kids away from learning to roller skate. So grab some elbow pads if you want the full out protection for your child and here is our most popular protective trio-pack:


Save over $30 with this 3-pack. The knee pads and elbow pads are made of high grade durable fabrics, EVA Foam padding and polycarbonate full coverage caps to provide superior protection with high density impact-resistant molded ABS splints on front and back of wrists for support. This 3-pack is ideal for recreational skating, inline skating, rollerblading, outdoor skating and all roller sports.


Did you know,

There is no federal law in the U.S. requiring bicycle helmets. The states and localities below began adopting laws in 1987, mostly limited to children under 18. At present, 22 States including the District of Columbia have state-wide laws, and more than 201 localities have local ordinances.

Check out this link here for a detailed list of the state helmet laws!

Helmet laws can be useful, but given the problems with enforcing them they will probably not work well in most places until more riders have accepted the need for wearing a helmet. So we favor a stronger push for voluntary usage than for passing new helmet laws, and our Web site has always reflected that attitude.

What do you think? Should there be laws that require us to wear helmets? Let us know in the comments below.

Accessorize With The Best Roller Skating Accessories

We’ll admit that there is a difference between wearing your favorite multi-colored skate laces and dressing up to skate like it’s your Halloween costume. Some believe there can never be too many roller skating accessories to help express themselves, and truth be told, they are right. From personalized roller skate bags, boot covers to toe protectors there is a skate accessory for everyone and just about everything.


Whether you’re a derby dame or just a beginner, there is an accessory for you. You will find that some skate accessories are more important than others such as a helmet vs. pom pom’s but remember one thing: there is no such thing as over accessorizing. It’s about mixing and matching your skate bling to become a confident and passionate skater.

To help define the variety of roller skate accessories, we will list them out in descending order from most important to least important with both safety and fashion in mind!

The helmet is a no-brainer…no pun intended. A helmet is a mandatory accessory to have in many environments with the exception of roller skating rinks. Unlike in bike paths and city streets, your fellow skaters in rinks are aware of you and this is a less dangerous environment. While some skate rinks require helmets and some don’t, we recommend to use your judgement and protect yourself. Although you can break your fall with your arms and prevent a blow to the head, don’t forget about the other skaters that can cause harm.

Wrist guards, knee and elbow pads and a mouth guard are your best friends. The roller derby rules require these so stock up if you’re joining a league. The most important of these four for ordinary skating is knee pads. Our knees are the first thing to come crashing down when we fall and all it takes is just a pebble in the street to break our stride. Knee pads: get some!

Remember lefty loosy, righty tighty? You never know when a bolt could wiggle loose and the last thing you want is to be stranded miles from home with only 3 wheels on one skate. Be prepared and carry a skate tool. We recommend the one tool does all to save space and travel light.

Nylon sure grip nuts and bearing protectors can prevent your wheel nuts from coming loose. These nuts also protect your bearings from debris with a shield between the bearing and wheel. It’s a great accessory and they come in different colors.

Next on the list is a skate bag. Maybe you step outside your home with your skates on and the idea of a bag is pointless. Skate bags are not only useful for transportation, but they also keep your skate stuff organized. Grab a skate bag to keep everything in one spot, protect your skates and travel with ease.

It’s important to keep your skate as comfortable as possible, just like your shoe. A great accessory for this is a padded insole for a smoother ride. Insoles are padded but also prevent your foot from sliding around inside your skate.

While on the topic of protection, a must have skate accessory to keep your skates as good as new is boot covers. They come in many different styles and one size fits all. Use boot covers to cover up old blemishes with style or to preserve the nice leather boots you have.

Our last accessories on the list will make a fashion statement and are the most fun to have.

  • Skate lights are great for night skating. Cast a glow to the ground below with battery powered LED lights. They are also useful for night skating safety and make yourself visible to traffic.
  • Pom Pom’s and long socks: Not having really anything to do with roller skating, they are most popular among roller derby girls. Just for decoration, they are fun and make an impression.

When searching for new things to add to your skate collection always ask yourself what is most important and go from there. What are your favorite skate accessories that we forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below.