Derby Your Way To Health!

When Regina Frazer put on her first pair of derby skates, little did she know that she would one day be on for all the world to see. Yet that is exactly what has happened!

Regina joined the Fairbanks Rollergirls in 2009 to give her something to do in the harsh Alaskan climate.Soon Regina was better known by her derby name, saBOBtage. She was well loved by her teammates and soon held leadership positions on her team. In 2011, she was voted to be co-captain of the team. It was then that she decided that to be a good example, she needed to be an athletic leader as well.

When Regina Frazer started the team she weighed 260 pounds and could barely skate 25 laps. Through both roller derby and a complete overhaul of her diet, she has gone from a size 22 to an 8. She can also easily skate 100 laps! So, one might say that it is completely possible to derby your way to health!