Everything You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Roller Skates

Awesome Ideas For Getting Creative With Your Roller Skates

Think outside the skates! This post is written for the roller skate enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the fantastic sport of roller skating. We put our thinking caps on to provide you with some fresh inspiration to use your skates differently. You didn’t know this yet, but your life has been pretty mundane without these roller skating craft ideas!

Please be so kind and use your imagination with us as we don’t have photography to showcase our ideas but believe us when we say they are all pretty awesome.

 1. Turn Your Roller Skates into flower vases

Follow these steps to simply turn your stinky old roller skates into fresh, blooming flower vases.

  1. Choose a boot, or two and loosen up the laces.
  2. Fill the entire boot up with rich soil and flower fertilizer.
  3. Plant your seed and watch it grow.
  4. Skip steps 2 & 3 and use your skate boots as a flower vase without doing the dirty work.

These make for great decorations for roller skating parties and it’s an activity for the whole family!


2. Use roller skate wheels as paper weights

We don’t know what your day job is but if you’re ever frustrated when a nice cool breeze sweeps through your office window and blows your papers off the desk, this ones for you. Take a couple of unused roller skate wheels and wash them thoroughly. Viola, you know have a one of a kind pair of paper weights!

Quick Tip: Keep the bearings in the wheels for a heavier paper weight.

3. Use your roller skate boots as a cup/bottle holder

It’s ironic how most skate boots are the perfect size for holding cans and bottles. Instead of using coasters, you can use skate boots to hold your drinks. Just follow these steps.

  1. Remove the trucks and plates from the bottom of your skates.
  2. Super glue the skate to the surface where you’d like to keep your cup holder. First, just try setting it on the table but for more support you should bust out the glue!
  3. If you don’t have glue you can always drill a few holes through the soles of the skates and bolt them to a surface.

4. Office supplies storage for pencils, pens and stapler

Roller skates make perfect storage containers for all the stuff laying around your desk. Take an entire skate – wheels, bearings, laces and all and prop it up on your desk. Loosen up the tongue of the skate so you can fit more gadgets inside. To prevent the skate from rolling off your desk, place paper clips under the front and back of each wheel.

Quick Tip: To help organize your supplies you can place a couple toilet paper rolls inside and secure them with the laces.

5. Use your skate laces as a belt

This truly pushes fashion to the max! Skate laces are long enough to fit around most waists and they look great with blue jeans. Look no further if you’re aiming for the new hipster look, roller skate lace belts are the style!

6. Create your own roller skates

Save the best for last! We’ve recently posted a great tutorial on the science behind this roller skate craft and you can check it out here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to use your roller skates for things other than roller. Help us grow our list and chime in with your ideas by dropping a comment below.

Turn Your Roller Skating Accessories Into Creative Crafty Projects

4 Awesome Ideas For Roller Skating Crafts

We believe the most fun you can have with roller skates is when they are on your feet but we all grow up and outgrow our favorite things. This is why we made a list of roller skating crafts that will help you extend the the life of your skates and keep the fun alive.
Roller skating crafts
It doesn’t matter what your favorite type of roller skating is. These roller skating crafts are for roller derby players, skating enthusiasts and craft lovers alike. It’s time to dig out your old roller skates and let the crafts begin.
Most of the project can be crafted with the parts of a roller skate but our first project is different.

Put A Twist To Your T-Shirts

We know roller derby players  gather up more t-shirts than their wardrobes can fit. From fundraising events, personalised bout jerseys and practice clothes the shirts pile up. It’s time to dig them out from the bottom of the laundry bin and grab the scissors.

Here are 4 amazing t-shirt transformation ideas you can perform on all of your extra shirts.

  1. Turn your t-shirt into a tank top with this quick tutorial. It’s a great fit for the beach and derby practice.
  2. Show your back off with the braided t-shirt tutorial. 
  3. Keep cozy in the winter months with a t-shirt scarf. Just grab two shirts and the sewing kit.
  4. The most complicated  t-shirt project is the rib cage shirt. It’s a cute design to rock on the track and your hard work will be reflected in your style.

Sew/Crochet Your Helmet Covers

Roller derby players have a lot of baggage to carry around. From skate tools, helmets and pads to make-up kits and roller skates, tote bags always come in hand. Ask around your derby squad for extra helmet covers to use to crochet an accessory bag for all your gear. If you feel extra crafty you can even design some leg warmers.

Hang Some Wheels From The Rear-view Mirror

Since hanging fuzzy dice from the rear view isn’t so popular these days, why not bring back the concept with some colorful skate wheels. Did you know theory has it that U.S pilots in WWII used dice in their cockpits for good luck, and they continued to hang them in cars when they came home from war. All you need is a shoelace and a pair wheels.

First remove the bearings (because we’ll use those for our next project) and then wrap both ends of the lace around a wheel. Once you have both wheels on each end of the lace it’s time to toss them around the mirror…but not if you live in Minnesota where hanging things from the mirror is prohibited.

Turn Your Bearings Into A Silver Necklace

This looks best around a silver beaded ball necklace but a roller skate lace will do the trick. Take your most shiny bearing and thread the necklace through it. We cannot claim this will bring good luck to your derby bouts or improve your skating ability but it will look pretty!

What are your ideas for roller skating crafts? Please share in the comments below!