Everything You Need to Know About Riedell Skates

Advancing the sport of skating for 70 years…

Riedell skates date back to 1947 when Paul Riedell founded the company in Red Wing, MN after he parted ways with the Red Wing Shoe Co. His mission was to design widely available and affordable ice skate and he soon after found success in the market of roller skates. In fact, he has even been accepted into the roller skating hall of fame!


Roller skate nation agrees with their claim that “Riedell skates has no equal” and we stock a giant selection of Riedell roller skates in order to provide you top quality and affordable skates, year after year.

The Riedell roller skate company breaks down into 6 different roller skate categories to give you plenty of options for every type of roller skating you desire. Let’s take a quick look at what they offer:

Jam skates:

For Jamskaters, Shuffle Skaters and Rex Skaters around the country.

Art skates:

Responsive and lightweight roller skates for dance skating.

Derby skates:

Comfortable, durable and grippy skates suitable for all roller derby players.

Speed skates:

Skates made for the traditional Speed, Jam and Track skater.

Rhythm skates:

Agile, groovy and quick skates for rhythm skaters.

Outdoor skates:

Tough and durable skates with outdoor wheels to be used in the great outdoors.

We highly recommend that you take a quick look at this awesome skate 101 help guide. It’s packed full of extremely useful information that will teach you just about everything you need to know about roller skates. After all, Riedell knows how to roll. They even know how to glide and Riedell skates play a major role in the world of figure skating.

Here’s a list of figure skaters worldwide that wear Riedell skates.

The newest addition to the Riedell skate catalog is the fully fashionable Dart Quad Speed Roller Skates. The Dart boot has quality man made materials that cradle your foot, lots of great padding so you can focus on the fun of roller skating. The boot color matches the hub color to give it a colorful boost to let your personality shine.


Everything You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Roller Skates

Awesome Ideas For Getting Creative With Your Roller Skates

Think outside the skates! This post is written for the roller skate enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the fantastic sport of roller skating. We put our thinking caps on to provide you with some fresh inspiration to use your skates differently. You didn’t know this yet, but your life has been pretty mundane without these roller skating craft ideas!

Please be so kind and use your imagination with us as we don’t have photography to showcase our ideas but believe us when we say they are all pretty awesome.

 1. Turn Your Roller Skates into flower vases

Follow these steps to simply turn your stinky old roller skates into fresh, blooming flower vases.

  1. Choose a boot, or two and loosen up the laces.
  2. Fill the entire boot up with rich soil and flower fertilizer.
  3. Plant your seed and watch it grow.
  4. Skip steps 2 & 3 and use your skate boots as a flower vase without doing the dirty work.

These make for great decorations for roller skating parties and it’s an activity for the whole family!


2. Use roller skate wheels as paper weights

We don’t know what your day job is but if you’re ever frustrated when a nice cool breeze sweeps through your office window and blows your papers off the desk, this ones for you. Take a couple of unused roller skate wheels and wash them thoroughly. Viola, you know have a one of a kind pair of paper weights!

Quick Tip: Keep the bearings in the wheels for a heavier paper weight.

3. Use your roller skate boots as a cup/bottle holder

It’s ironic how most skate boots are the perfect size for holding cans and bottles. Instead of using coasters, you can use skate boots to hold your drinks. Just follow these steps.

  1. Remove the trucks and plates from the bottom of your skates.
  2. Super glue the skate to the surface where you’d like to keep your cup holder. First, just try setting it on the table but for more support you should bust out the glue!
  3. If you don’t have glue you can always drill a few holes through the soles of the skates and bolt them to a surface.

4. Office supplies storage for pencils, pens and stapler

Roller skates make perfect storage containers for all the stuff laying around your desk. Take an entire skate – wheels, bearings, laces and all and prop it up on your desk. Loosen up the tongue of the skate so you can fit more gadgets inside. To prevent the skate from rolling off your desk, place paper clips under the front and back of each wheel.

Quick Tip: To help organize your supplies you can place a couple toilet paper rolls inside and secure them with the laces.

5. Use your skate laces as a belt

This truly pushes fashion to the max! Skate laces are long enough to fit around most waists and they look great with blue jeans. Look no further if you’re aiming for the new hipster look, roller skate lace belts are the style!

6. Create your own roller skates

Save the best for last! We’ve recently posted a great tutorial on the science behind this roller skate craft and you can check it out here.

We hope we’ve inspired you to use your roller skates for things other than roller. Help us grow our list and chime in with your ideas by dropping a comment below.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Women’s Roller Skates

We know women love shoes but we hope they love their women’s roller skates just a bit more.

Summer is around the corner and you need to make time for yourself in between the frequent daycare trips, soccer mom journeys and social outings. Actually, one of the best ways to get the most out of your skates is to combine your social life with your women’s roller skates! So read on and discover 5 ways to maintain your skates and use them in ways you never thought of.


1. Care for them like they are your favorite pair of shoes

Roller skates of all kinds require the same amount of maintenance and the more you keep up with it the longer your roller skates will last. It’s likely that you kick off your skates and toss them in a corner after a long ride but you must think twice about this! It only takes ten minutes to look after your skates and you should do it after each skate session. Simply start off by wiping away debris and dirt from the skate boot. Then flip the skate upside down and clean your trucks. You can even grab a cotton swab to help you clean those hard to reach areas.

The last thing you want to do after you skate is toss them in a damp area of your garage. This destroys the fabric of your boot and makes your bearing obnoxiously chirp. It’s important to care for your skates to keep them rolling longer.

2. Host skate nights with friends

You can roll to the rhythm of your favorite music and skate solo for a more intense physical workout but skating with friends is also a blast. Go ahead and start a Facebook group called “Skate Night” and invite your friends. It seems the best way to motivate people these days is through social media and you have nothing to lose. A Facebook group will bring your friends together and become a nice community of like minded roller skaters. It definitely helps orchestrate meetup times and who knows where the conversation will go?

3. Decorate your skates

Get in touch with your inner fashion star and spice up your women’s roller skates with a vibrant colored pair of shoelaces or boot covers. Make your skates unique and let them reflect your personality.

4. Change your bearings

In a perfect world you should clean your bearings every time you use your skates, but taking the bearings apart and cleaning them is a time consuming and dirty task. So the best way to tell if your bearings need cleaning, is to flip your skates and spin the wheels. Note how freely they spin, and listen for any interesting noises. Crunching and/or grinding means there is dirt or debris and the bearings need to be cleaned. Chirping and/or squeaking noises probably means you should lubricate the bearings.

Follow this quick tip for removing bearings:

Place the tip of a screwdriver in the center hole of the bearing and gently pry and move the screwdriver around the circumference until the bearing pops out.
Use the opposite end of the screwdriver to press the bearings into the new wheels.
Press only the center ring of the bearing. If you press the bearing on the side, it may bend it and then it will not roll well.

5. Bring them to work

…or ride them to work! It’s important to get out and soak up as much sun as possible and we know how work can prevent us from doing so. Take advantage of your work break and toss on your skates for a 20 minute ride each day before or after your meal. We don’t reckon you should skate 5 miles but skating in between shifts is an awesome way to relieve stress and free your mind to help you through the rest of your day!



How to Choose the Best Beginner Speed Skates

If there’s one thing that every beginner has in common, it’s a fast learning curve and this is especially true for beginners on roller skates. The first month on speed skates will either make you or break you but you will learn more during this time than in the near future. Beginner skaters are like sponges and the first couple months are when newbies soak up all the fundamentals that lay the foundation. From balance, confidence, stopping to starting and everything in between learning to speed skate starts with choosing the right pair of roller skates!

Let’s first define what a speed skate is, shall we?

Speed skates are among one of the most popular design styles of roller skates and they are meant to go fast. Speed skates feature low cut boots that fit your feet similar to tennis shoes and this low cut design helps you cut corners and maintain agility. As a result of the freedom they provide, these skates are very popular for jam (dance) skating and of course, speed skating. They also feature speed style wheels and bearing which enable skaters to skate faster and longer.

Ask yourself these 5 questions and you will be well prepared to make a decision about which speed skates are best for you!

1. Do you like using velcro straps?

Let’s lay out the pros and cons of velcro straps:

+ Help you achieve a custom snug fit

+ Very simple to use!

+ Velcro straps can quickly be adjusted on the go

+ Prevent laces from untying

- Velcro straps collect dirt and debris

- May stretch over time and prohibit you from keeping a snug fit

-  The comfort of your skates will be affected if the velcro strap were to break off

If you are buying beginner speed skates for someone who uses velcro straps on their tennis shoes, we reckon they will easily adapt to this style. The pros of velcro straps outweigh the cons and it really comes down to personal taste.

2. Will you be using your speed skates for roller derby?

Search for a pair of speed skates that match your derby team colors. You also want to be sure you buy speed skates with adjustable toe stops to become accustomed to the distance between the toe stop and the track. Roller derby is most often played indoor so look for skates with indoor wheels.

3. Will you be skating indoors or outdoors?

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5 Tips for Buying Cheap Roller Skates

The phrase “cheap roller skates” is usually associated with low quality, low priced skates or affordability but we like to think cheap roller skates are amazing deals only if you do your research and know what you’re buying. It’s easy for us to point our finger at ourselves and our humongous collection of roller skates but there are various other options out there for obtaining your next pair of roller skates.

We carry a large selection of cheap roller skates but most of the time the cheapest roller skates are those that are previously owned aka used.

Sit back and enjoy these 5 tips for buying cheap roller skates!

Confirm the skates are from the original owner

If you decide to browse Craigslist, Ebay or other similar sites looking for roller skates it’s important that you are buying them from the original owner. You need to know how the skates were used and to what extent. Roller skates are just like any other type of sporting equipment; you wouldn’t want to buy a five-years-old cracked lacrosse shaft, a pair of screw on cleats with stripped out threads or a helmet with a broken chin strap, would you?

Some important questions to ask the current owner of the skates:

1. How long have you used the skates?

2. What type of skating did you do with the skates?

3. Have you had any problems with the skates?

4. Can you please send me more close up photos of the skates?

5. How often did you use your skates?

6. Did you use your skates indoors, outdoors or both?

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5 Myths About Low Priced Skates

Shopping for low priced skates is no different than any other product; they come in many different shapes, sizes and colors but one thing remains true –  you get what you pay for. With that said, it’s important for you to evaluate your future pair of roller skates as much as possible before the next time you click that “Confirm & Pay” button.


Our skates are priced for your convenience and we stock a wide variety to ensure you always find what fits your skating style and budget. Yes, you get what you pay for but we have many skates between $50-$100 to fit your budget when you want skates without breaking the bank.

So let’s debunk these 5 myths about what you get when you shop for low priced skates, shall we?

Low Priced Skates Fall Apart After One Month

This is definitely true when you buy a $20 pair of shoes but roller skates are made differently. Low priced skates are generally manufactured with high quality vinyl. It’s a fake leather material made to withstand normal wear and tear. Vinyl also does not scratch as easy as leather and it’s easier to clean.

Only you, the skater can determine how long your skates will last. Treat them nicely and they will take you many places. Maintain your skates after each time you ride and pamper them like your car!

Low Priced Skates Are Usually Knock Off’s

We collaborate with the most popular brands of roller skates on the market and guarantee top quality brand name skates. From Riedell, Dominion to Roller Derby we’ve sold thousands of skates to happy customers.

Actually it’s pretty hard to find knock off brand roller skates even if you’re looking.

Low Priced Skates Come With Cheap Trucks

The majority of our budget friendly skates do come with precision trucks and the best part of this is their light weight design. Precision trucks are made from a combination of heat moldable plastics and urethanes while cast iron trucks are heavy and clunky.

Although cast iron trucks will outlast a pair of trucks made of plastic, weekly skate maintenance will prolong life. Always check your king pin and fasten it to your desired tightness for your safety and the safety of your trucks!

Low Priced Skates Are Only For Kids

Isn’t it wierd how kids clothes can sell for the same price as adults clothes even though they require half the fabric to make? This is not the case with roller skates and you can expect to find a solid pair of kids skates at an amazing price.

Kids skates are much more affordable than our low priced adult skates because they are made with the basic materials that are perfect to get kids up and skating.

Low Priced Skates Come With Lower ABEC Rating Bearings

Lower ABEC ratings just means the bearing spins slower at faster speeds. ABEC ranking does not indicate overall quality or durability. Higher ABEC bearings are intended for use for precise applications such as aircrafts and machines. ABEC 3 bearings will always get the job done, are more affordable and are an industry accepted standard for ball bearings.

8 Tips for Using Jam Skates

Ever watch the movie from 2005 called Roll Bounce? We didn’t know Bow Wow was so good on jam skates but we do know since the release of this movie, jam skating has gained momentum across the globe. Also known as rhythm, dance and jive skating, jam skating is a combination of dance, gymnastics and skating and is heavily influenced by break dancing and modern dance.


The fundamentals of jam skating are important to understand since jam skating is more complex than standard roller skating. There are certain wheels to use, special ways to mount your plates and more.

Read on, take some notes and you will be performing top jam skate moves in no time.

1. The Preferred Type of Boot

Ankle movement is a must when jam skating and almost every jam skater I see used speed boots to allow for extra ankle movement.

  • If you prefer using high tops, then only lace up the bottom part so you have room to move around. By doing this, the upper part of the boot is only useful for “Looks”. It doesn’t serve an actual purpose.
  •  A lower boot such as the Riedell Quest Jam is a perfect choice.
  • The Riedell 120 boot is an alternative packed with a lot of support and comfort right out of the box.
  • If you’re serious about finding that perfect jam skate then don’t hesitate to create you own custom skate. We’ll walk your hand through every step!
  • High top or low top is a preference choice that only you can make.

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How to Buy Low Price Skates

Seems like a no brainer, right?

Maybe your local thrift shop has a pair of low price skates that are just what you need and if it’s your lucky day they might have them in your size!  Chances are slim.

So we’ve put together a quick guide to help you find low price skates without sacrificing comfort or style.

1. The first step is to declare your budget and ask yourself how you will be using your new skates. Once you have a budget in mind you will be able filter through your options much faster.


Most online shopping websites have a drop down menu to help you filter your search. Select price- low to high, but make sure you are in the right category of roller skates. If you want to use your skates outside to work out, we recommend searching through the outdoor skates category. On the other hand if you’re shopping for skates for kids to roll around the rink choose indoor and/or kids skates.

2. Look for online coupons and shipping discounts. Shopping for roller skates online is no different than shopping for any other piece of sporting equipment. There are hundreds of options and most companies promote all sorts of discounts. A good thing to keep in mind is that online stores offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount of money. To receive free shipping this might persuade you to add a little extra to your shopping cart and it’s not always a bad thing or a trick.

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Essential Safety Equipment For Roller Skates

If you’ve stumbled on our Skate Talk  roller skates blog, then we assume these four things;

  1. You’ve strapped on a pair of roller skates before and the experience you had made you more passionate about the sport.
  2. You’ve roller skated in your previous years and are interested to do it again.
  3. You’re passionate about roller skates and are always looking for new ways to improve your skills and stay in the loop of all things roller skating.
  4. You’ve never roller skated before but it seems like the coolest physical activity this world has to offer!

There’s one thing we forgot to mention and this tends to be forgotten most often in regards to roller skating. You’re probably not here to learn about safety equipment because afterall it can be pretty boring.

Until now!

Our passion for roller skates combined with our priority to keep you safe is our obsession at Roller Skate Nation. This is why we stock the latest trends in safety equipment including the essentials and most sought after protective gear.

Let start from the top and work our way to the bottom. In other words, from the head to the legs. But first, here’s some food for the brain;

Did you know, according to Rochester Medical Research that:

  • More severe injuries occur during individual sports and recreational activities.
  • Children who are just beginning a sport or activity are at greater risk for injury.
  • More than 47,000 children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for roller skating-related injuries.

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Santa’s List Must Have Roller Skates For Kids!

3 Gift Ideas and Things To Know When Shopping At Roller Skate Nation This Christmas

Has your child roller skated before?

Does he/she enjoy being active throughout the entire year?

Do you think he/she could burn off some energy through one of the most healthy ways possible?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions then you found the right place to shop for roller skates for kids.


Kids stuff isn’t too complex for the most part but shopping for kids is the hard part. Keep in mind we’re referring to roller skates for kids that are between the ages of eight and fourteen.

Remember when you received a t-shirt or some pajamas for the holidays. You had to fake a smile while you were screaming inside for Nerf guns and roller skates.

Santa made his list and he’s checking it twice this year to be sure he brings all the tots the best roller skates for kids. Here’s a list of quick tips and roller skates for kids that will withstand the wear and tear of active kids without breaking the budget.

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