Top 6 Most Stylish Pairs Of Roller Skates

The idea here is to fit in and stand out with stylish roller skates.

stylish roller skates

Hello Kitty Roller Skates

If you’re a believer that first impressions matter the most and you like to maintain a stylish presence in every environment then we have good news for you. When it comes to roller skating with style, it would be nice if we could easily slap on some wheels to our favorite shoes or boots. Even though there’s a solution for this idea, we prefer you to shop for skates that you will love and that will love you back.

Searching for the perfect combination of color, material and design may feel like shopping for a wedding dress or your next car so we created an easy guide and selection to our most stylish and hip skates that you may have never known we had.

First off, there’s nothing sweeter than a suede boot. It’s a combination of classic and modern design and it fits like a glove. Technically speaking, suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, so it’s less durable but softer than standard “full-grain” leather. Suede boots also have a fine appearance different than leather. Although they might require a bit more of maintenance to water proof and clean compared to other materials, our collection of suede roller skates are worth the work!

6 Stylish Roller Skates

  1. Board Walk outdoor roller skates resemble the old school west side look and are perfect for outdoor skating in all types of terrain.
  2. Moxi roller skates are some of the hippest on the market for the chic skaters. The name “Lolly” comes from an old-soul, hippy-chic girl that hid her beauty behind an easy going humble style. She thought her skating needed a make-over, so she chose colors that reflected the easy going style without screaming for too much attention. From smooth pink, purple and leopard print there are many styles to choose from.
  3. Our top grain buckskin suede leather boot has earned the title as “One of the most comfortable boots on the market. With full leather lining and custom padding, you have the choice to assemble the boot on top of any plates and wheels you would like.

Artistic boots are back in style and are perfect for the casual skater or dancer. Think of them like the Rolex of roller skates. They are packed with style and comfort and are built to withstand the impact and heavy use. Made from high, top grain leather, here is our rundown of our top favorite artistic skates.

4. Dominion 719 Super X Medallion is a full leather skate that comes with a full out selection to choose from your choice of wheel color, toe stop colors and boot color.

5. Riedell Angel artistic skates are a perfect fit for the beginner and recreational skater. The special touch of this skate was to create a special boot for both men and women’s feet.

And last but not least, the name brands always find a way into the most sought after stuff.

6. Put some Pepper in your push and discover the 32 flavors of your style with the Dr. Pepper soft drink themed skates or skate fast with sonic speed on the skates specifically designed for Sonic Car hops. They come in colors black and purple to help you provide a special delivery on every occasion.

Shopping for roller skates is no different than other forms of online shopping. Take your time, read descriptions and ask for help when you need it. Be sure to review the sizing chart we provide for each skate because each skate has its own size. We ship fast and have a great return policy to get you rolling the way you want.

Boots, Shoes, and Being Fashionable While You Skate

Fashion and skating are not something everyone considers. Many people who skate only do so part time, and are not aware of the many options available in skate fashion. To be sure, everyone has seen the neon colored wheels, or colorful trucks, and even colored boots, but did you know that there is an entire world of roller skate fashion when it comes to the uppers?


Skate uppers (the boot, or shoe) can be as different and varied as any shoe store in the world offers. In fact, if you have an idea for a particular style of boot, it exists. If it doesn’t exist, no problem, there are experts who can custom make any style of boot or shoe you desire. With that in mind, you can actually get the style skates you want. If you want several styles, you can also do that. There are just a few things to consider when looking over the basics of boots.

First, your own personal preference of leather or synthetic material (vinyl) needs to be considered. While leather is more comfortable and durable, it does require care, and is more expensive. Vinyl is less expensive, but if you only plan to wear your skates occasionally, or just for fashion purposes (pumpkin skates for Halloween, as an example), then vinyl might be just fine for you. Likewise, if you are considering your first skate purchase, and just want to get a feel for it, then vinyl might also be a good choice.

Second is the actual style. Some prefer a boot cut, while others will prefer more of a shoe style. It really depends on your own personal preference more than anything else, though there are slight advantages certain styles provide if you are into speed or other specialty types of skating. There is also the consideration of laces or straps for securing your skates. Laces take longer to secure, but they provide a much more snug fit.

Third, and probably most important, is the actual comfort. If you won’t be comfortable, then you probably aren’t going to skate much. If you don’t skate much, then what is the point of having skates? So get something comfortable.

Think of it like this – the average video game is about $50, and most people who play games will buy at least six per year. At that rate you could get one really nice pair of skates each year. Since you don’t wear them every day, they’ll last a long time if you take care of them. Besides, it’s hard to put a price on looking good.

Before we go, there are also hard plastic skates that are not unlike ski boots, but they are usually the sort of thing children wear. They haven’t been discussed in this article for that reason. If you would like to learn more about this type of skate, just send us a quick email and we’ll take care of you.