Zip Around on the Zombie

Take your skating to the next level with our new Zombie wheels available at Roller Skate Nation. Sure-Grip International has taken performance to the next level with the development of these incredible wheels. Every aspect of this wheel has been carefully designed to maximize both responsiveness and stability. This wheel comes in a multitude of hardness options and sizes, ensuring that there will be one that is ideal for your skating surface.

Urethane that Improves your Game
Transfer every bit of your power directly to the floor with the help of these urethane wheels. Sure-Grip has perfected the formulation of the urethane used for these wheels. The result is an incredibly durable wheel that will perform better than any other wheels you have used in the past.

The Magic is on the Inside
Let’s get to the core of the matter and talk about what makes the new Zombie wheels great. These high-performance wheels feature an aluminum core unlike any other. This core is made from a solid billet of aluminum, giving it unparalleled stability and durability. To top it off, these cores are anodized, resulting in an incredible bond between the aluminum and urethane. You won’t get that technology with any other skating wheel on the market!