Skate Tip: Don’t let the end of summer stop you from having fun!

Summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and it won’t be long before the seasons change and we’re gearing up for cooler weather. For many outdoor skaters, that means our window of opportunity of starting to close.

Whether you are cruising around the park, hitting the boardwalk, or just rolling with your kids down the street, there’s no easier or more fun way to have fun, enjoy time with family and friends, and stay in shape. And you don’t have to give that up just because summer is gone.

Did you know that you can turn an outdoor skate into a perfect rink skate by simply changing out the wheels?

If you enjoy skating and don’t want to let the weather keep you sidelined, adding a set of indoor wheels will get you rolling right along!

I’ve included links to our three most popular indoor wheels:

Happy Skating!


4 Wheels Go A Long Way: A Guide To Choose Your Perfect Roller Skates

Who would’ve thought attaching four wheels to the bottom of our feet could be so much fun? Someone must’ve been plain out bored with walking or needed to get somewhere fast. One of the best parts of skating is the freedom that comes with the variety of activities. You’re not confined to a specific field trying to put a ball in the hole (compared to golf, basketball and soccer). You just have to choose your perfect roller skates.

From roller hockey with inline skates to roller derby and recreational skating on the quad skates, skating offers everyone a reason to roll around during every season.

Some wheels are aligned in a straight line and go by the name of inline skates while other wheels sit side by side like car tires. We call these quad skates. Since the first recorded use of roller skates in 1743, quad skating has become a fascinating hobby and sport, surpassing the popularity of inline skates.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced skater, it’s important to keep up with the variety of skates that match each type of quad skating you enjoy.

Different skates are for different activities and here is a quick guide to “roll” you through the basics for choosing the perfect match.

Quad fitness skating: This is a form of physical activity that replaces jogging and running with a low impact and high burning calorie type of skating. Fitness skating is a great stress reliever and you will see quick results and find more fun when paired with your current workout routine. The best skates to use for this style of skating should have fast bearings, toe stopper brakes and be very comfortable. Our Sonic Cruiser is a great choice for fitness skate. The skate is light weight, comfortable and feels like a shoe!

Quad speed skating: Those with a need for speed and a competitive edge will find speed skating the most fulfilling style of quad skating. This type of skating is gauged by the number of laps or the distance that you travel and can be done outside or inside. Speed skaters should have two sets of wheels each for outdoor and indoor settings.
We recommend our Riedell Dart speed skate for their Kwik ABEC-5 bearings and comfortable design.

Quad Rink Roller Hockey: Roller hockey on quad skates is becoming more popular. The sport took off with inline skates and will be remembered as an inline sport but that doesn’t stop quad roller’s from playing.
Roller hockey is associated with inline skates and roller derby with quad skates, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t score goals on quads. Your best choice for hockey skates are speed skates that provide ankle support. Depending on the rink, be sure to select indoor or outdoor wheels.

Roller Derby Skating: Saving the best for last, roller derby calls for the personalized skates that make a statement and roll with confidence. Roller Derby exists within a strong and hard working community of quad skater enthusiasts. The girls organize, fund and compete and as of today there are over 1,200 world wide roller derby teams spread across 35 countries. When selecting your roller derby skate, it’s important that it fits like a shoe and is as comfortable as a pillow around your foot. Choose a skate that reflects your flair and has ankle support. You will be thrashing around and skating hard in this skate so be sure it fits well.

The Sure-Grip Boxer Mr. Pink is what I’m talking about.

Give Me Some Sugar – Wheels that Is!

Sugar wheels first rolled onto the scene back in 2008 when they staked their claim as the first hybrid wheels for derby skaters. Now, they are adding to their lineup with two new wheels in the sugar line-up. The original sugar wheels you have come to know in love are here to stay but their new partners the Sweet & Low and Equalizer are ready to introduce themselves.


These white wheels are identified by their sky blue band and white hub. This hybrid wheel measures 62mm by 44 mm, making them the full-sized hybrids with serious performance.

Sweet & Low
Fall in love with the fast roll and sticky grip the Sweet & Low hybrid wheel offers. These pretty pink wheels measure 58mm x 38mm, making them low to the ground for maximum speed and control. Add them to your skates and be amazed by how these sweet little gems hug the turns


These blue wheels take sweet to a whole new level. They measure 62mm by 38mm, combining the best of the other two wheels in the lineup. These wheels can handle it all, rough outdoor surfaces and super-slick indoor rinks.