The Best Roller Skating Gift Ideas and Tips For Everyone

There was nothing easy about creating a list of roller skating gift ideas and it was just as challenging as roller skating backwards down a hill or roller skating a Great Dane dog on a stroll through the park. You be the judge. The reason is that in our opinion, any gift related to roller skating is the perfect gift but when narrowing the list down, we took in consideration those items that make for the best surprises and happy roller skaters.

To cut to the chase, you can never go wrong with a gift card to Roller Skate Nation but for those that choose surprise over choice, read on!

When shopping for great roller skating gift ideas the first step is to determine the skill level and amount of involvement that the gift recipient has with skating. A set of wheels is no good if the person doesn’t have skates and there’s no reasons to invest $400 in roller skates for a first pair.

Riedell Roller Skates

Further more, you want to be sure the gift you give adds value to their skating hobby. Start off by asking friends and family. Here’s a helpful list of quick questions to ask before shopping for gifts:

  • Start off asking friends and family if they have experience roller skating. A pair of roller skates for non-skaters can be an ultimate surprise to kick start a healthy hobby.
  • What is their shoe size and favorite color? Ask family members and friends for this!
  • Are they most likely to skate outdoors or at an indoor roller rink? Where do they live?
  • Should I buy safety equipment?
  • Is she/he a roller derby or competitive skater?

Now that you’ve checked these questions off the list it’s shopping time!

Here’s a great roller skating gift ideas list for derby players, beginners and the casual skater:

For the Roller Derby players: The most complicated skater to shop for since they are experienced with the sport and are loyal to specific brands. There is always a need for derby players to maintain their skates and that is why our bearings, cleaners and lube section is a great place to start. Derby folk need to keep their skates in good condition to roll fast and look slick so anything from bearing lube, leather protection to an all-in-one skate tool makes for the perfect gift without breaking the budget.

Our essentials kit is a great choice for the derby player.

The person that has never skated: Talk with the family and friends about this gift. One person can buy the skates and another can supply the safety equipment. They are both vital for newbie skaters. Take a look at their shoe collection to get an idea of the style of skates they would prefer to have. If they often wear Nikes, sport shoes and running shoes then shop for a sporty style skate such as the Sonic Cruiser or any type of Riedell skates. Roller skating gift bags are a great choice for everyone for easy transportation and protection.

On the flip side, they might like a more suede or leather style boot type of skate. Do your research! Most newbie skaters are more focused on learning to skate than showing off but don’t forget to shop with their style in mind. The better a skater feels in his/her skates, the more confident they will be.

The hipster casual skater: Maybe she/he is at college and could use a pair of skates to work off the “freshmen 15” or is living on the coast and demands a fresh look. This person may not know how much fun skating is until they try it and they will be most likely to enjoy the sport if they have skates they truly love. We suggest choosing a designer style skate artistic skate or a model of our Moxi skates.

The little tyke: Purchase skates for the little ones that are 1-2 sizes bigger than their shoe size so they can use them throughout their childhood and grow into them. Just wear thick or double socks. Our large variety of kid skates makes for an easy shopping experience. Remember that kids prefer comfort and enjoy wearing their favorite colors.

Happy birthday. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. What ever the occasion for giving a gift, you are sure to give a gift that “Rules” (aka Rolls) from us.

Quick tip: Roller Skate Nation provides a great return policy but be sure to inform the recipient about all the details. For example, our return policy is only on new and unused skates, parts, and accessories in our store. Learn more about it here.



  1. Just found your website and it’s full of great tips since i’m going to try out for derby this fall.
    One question,
    Trying to buy protective gear but theres so many style and textures to look at,
    any tips for a beginner who needs elbow and knee pads?


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