Your World Wide Rolling Skating Guide

Quick Tips For Roller Skating Around The World

They call it “Patinaje sobre ruedas” in Spain and “Rollschuhlaufen” in Germany. We call it roller skating and it’s present throughout the entire world. In fact, roller skating is a universal sport and there is even an established International Federation of Roller Sports which includes the most popular sports that are played on quad skates (our favorite type of skate at Roller Skate Nation).


Despite the common saying “It’s a small world”, in reality it’s fairly large and there is a place and time to skate practically wherever you set foot down.

So I have put together a guide to answer some basic questions and share some tips and tricks pertaining to wheels around the globe.

First off, you will want to grab a skate bag to protect and transport your skates for road trips and flights. Some airlines allow skates for a carry on only if they are in a bag. Whether your traveling to a skating event or going on vacation, roller skating is one of the fastest ways to explore new territory. They make for a great cruise on the board walk or through small town back alleys.

Travel Tips:
We like to think your skates mean the world to you and that you can’t travel without them. You can replace a tooth brush and a bottle of cologne, but not your skates.

  • Fit some extra stuff in your skate bag like pads, skate clothes and a helmet if they fit within the limits.
  • Remember to pack your skate tool in checked luggage as this will be prohibited. Also keep any bearing cleaner or aerosol like WD-40 out of your skate bag.

Once you safely arrive to your destination you can learn where the fun is with this world wide guide to indoor and outdoor skate rinks. Remember that skating near the beach can cause your bearings to clog up due to the sand. Be sure to check them frequently and bring a cotton swab for easy cleansing.

Always obey the traffic laws of the region your skating. You don’t want to find yourself skating on the wrong side of the road in the UK. It can be confusing in countries where they drive on the left side!

Meanwhile around the world on skates, did you know:

In April of 2001 Swedish inline speed skater Daniel Edman traveled with 40 other skaters from Stockholm to the island of Mallorca, Spain for a holiday week of skating and fun.

In the comments below, we’d love to hear about your skating adventures. Have you ever traveled somewhere to skate or taken your skates on a vacation?

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